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The music projects of composer, pianist, and singer songwriter Kyra Mitchell consist of both ambient instrumentals and wistful lyrical imagery. Mitchell is debuting with the first of her ethereal musical landscapes, Crystal Dawn. 

She holds Master of Letters degree in Art History from Christie’s Education, London, where she lived for a year and a half. Her lyrics pull from subjects she studied including terra cotta pots, roman blown glass, and antique stones. These tracks will be released with her debut album in 2024. 

A SoCal native, Mitchell has three decades experience with piano beginning at age three with The Greene Music Education Center. At age four Mitchell was diagnosed with severe hearing loss. 


She continued classical training for nine years and transitioned to Jazz & Blues for two years. Mitchell has composed original music since 2002 and sang Alto in choir at her educational & academic institutions.

She and former musical partner Lauren Gilbert recorded a three-song E.P. in 2007 with publisher Bud Martin Productions, including the track Take Dives. Mitchell now self produces & publishes. 

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