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Why FI-RE?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hello Readers,

You might be asking the point of this. Why would you want to retire early? Isn't that boring and unproductive? How would you fill the time? Also, money??

I lost my job due to the pandemic. While I miss the level of income I was generating in my corporate job, I haven't been bored.

My transition from NYC to my hometown was unexpected and difficult, and it taught me how to spend my time meaningfully. I've built daily habits like meditating, practicing languages, and doing yoga. I fell in love with researching personal finance. I've also spent loads of quality time with my family who I previously saw annually.

Time is our most valuable resource because it is limited. Mastering money is an essential tool for financial freedom because it allows us to dictate how we spend our time.

I want to say hey, let's leave next week for a month-long road trip or hey, let's go skiing on Tuesday without sacrificing precious PTO. While I will definitely work full time again, it's been nice to preview the retirement experience.

We have the power to create beautiful and fulfilling lives by focusing our energy less on ego based purchases and more on experiences, creative projects, and cultivating genuine relationships.

More to come on all of this.

Happy savings,


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