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The Digital Library

Hello Readers,

One of my favorite apps is Libby, a digital library. All you need to sign up is a library card.

For those of you with Kindles, it operates similarly, except a) the books are free and b) it’s on my phone which I already own and carry with me daily.

Having used Libby for over two years, here is my review:



-User friendly

-Easily accessible

-Dark mode for nighttime reading

-Highlighter, notes, and dictionary features


-14 day reading limit with the option to renew hold

-Selection is limited to your library’s availability

-Waitlist ranges from days to months

While the cons can be annoying, I like that it’s free. If the book is returned and I renew my hold, any notes and highlights are recorded so I never lose my place. I save time and money since I don’t have to physically go to the library. If a book isn’t available? Oh well.

I get extra satisfaction by putting my phone on airplane mode at night while reading. It allows me to socially disconnect and fully immerse into the book.

Do you use a library app or a Kindle?

Happy savings,


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