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The Beauty of Buying in Bulk

Hello Readers,

When I say "bulk" I'm not talking about weighing almonds in a bag, but that works too.

I'm talking about buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries at once to minimize the amount of time you spend running to the store. Time is money, as they say.

I admit I have an errand buddy. We buy cans on cans on cans of beans and crushed tomatoes, 25 lb. bags of flour, tubs of greek yogurt, bags on bags of frozen veg, etc. We also stock up on tons of fresh produce.

We arrive when the grocery store opens which means no check out line. This allows us to blow through an annoying chore that provides us resources for a full month, if not more.* This might be difficult to achieve without a car, but if you can, it's worth it.

The trick is to meal prep. I know, I know. Remember those soups I mentioned in a previous post? We use our fresh veggies in soup and freeze between two to four types, rotating them for dinners. When we want something else we improvise.

The freezer is your friend. Love it, cherish it, and treat it well.

*Friendly reminder to bring your own reusable bags.

Happy savings,


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