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Hello Readers,

Everyone's FI-RE journey looks different. You choose where to save and spend to maintain your individual quality of life.

I can count on both hands the number of times I wore makeup in 2020. I wasn't going into the office; I didn't need it. I got used to seeing myself makeup free. Talk about self-love!

While the skincare products I use now are on the pricier side, I keep it simple buying only two brands. I've used them for about three years:

Youth to the People (YTTP)

Yay For Earth

Both are incredible pioneers in the sustainability sector--they are natural products that come in glass bottles. While they are expensive, their quality is incredible and they last for ages. YTTP's face wash successfully removes even waterproof mascara.

Two additional beauty product favorites of mine are an exfoliating face cloth and cloth cotton rounds. They're easy to clean since I add them to my existing laundry routine, and they will last for many years to come. Quality over quantity, readers.

It's a win-win for my wallet and the planet.

Are you familiar with these brands?

Happy savings,


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