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Low Buy: Clothing Edition

Hello Readers,

I made a choice to stop adding to my wardrobe on my own dollar. As a result, I've only spent money on clothes during two out of the last twenty-four months. While I'm tempted to purchase this, I'm resisting to stay the low buy course.

Here are five reasons I try not to buy clothes:

1. I have more than enough. I own things I've never worn. Sound familiar?

2. I get clothes from my social circle. It started with family (thank you Nana), then friends, and even expanded roommates as they decluttered. Those in my circle cleaning out their closet know to hit me up. I only take pieces I truly like, and if I ultimately can’t make them work, I donate them.

3. By choosing used, I have a better sense of the item’s lifespan. If it has already been around for years and is still holding up, I am guaranteed to get more life out of it.

4. Second hand is always the environmental choice. It reduces demand and keeps it out of the landfill. While giving to Goodwill is well intended, they are often overwhelmed by donations (a prime example of overconsumption).

5. I’ve surprised myself by mixing and matching new outfits with my existing inventory. It gets me thinking outside the box and I love the creativity that accompanies this.

I do bend the rules for things like tailoring and essential replacements. The biggest takeaway here is: don't concern yourself with trends. In the words of Sorelle Amore, being cool is exhausting. Wear and rewear what you want when you want because it makes you happy.

Your life is your own.

Happy savings,


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