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Kitchen Hack: Glass Jars

Hello Readers,

How often are you purchasing food in glass containers which promptly go into the recycling bin (or, gasp, the trash) upon completion?

You stop that. You stop that right now.

Glass is a material that can be used indefinitely, and is free from the harmful chemicals found in plastics. Contrary to popular belief, glass can hold frozen liquid without shattering. Simply leave a one inch gap at the top to account for expansion.

When buying salsa, olives, etc., save the jars. It’s better for your wallet and our planet. They are the perfect vessels for freezing food scraps until there is enough to make soup stock, and for holding discarded sourdough starter in the fridge until there is enough to make crackers. The possibilities are endless.


1 part oil (coconut, vegetable, or olive)

2 parts baking soda

  1. Mix the above ingredients into a paste

  2. Spread onto the label and adhesive

  3. Let sit for 10-20 minutes

  4. Scrub with a sponge

My favorite kitchen purchase is the 16oz wide-mouth mason jar, which is easier to get in and out of than its smaller mouthed cousin. We have about 60 (no joke) that have been used hundreds of times to make massive batches of soups. We freeze and rotate. Dinner sorted.

Do you do this?

Happy savings,


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