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Kitchen Hack: Free Stock

Hello Readers,

While I wish the kitchen would give me free stock market stock, this is not that. Different, stock, different market. This is for soup. And as someone who loves soup--like, reallly loves soup--I always have some on hand in the freezer.

Have I said soup and stock enough? I don't think so.

While you’re chopping and discarding vegetable scraps and chicken bones, instead of into the garbage can or disposal, put them in (preferably glass) containers and freeze them.

This includes carrot tops, bell pepper stems and seeds, garlic and onion skins, apple cores, tomato stems, leek tops, green onion roots, chicken bones, and meat gristle. The list goes on.

The only things I don’t include are citrus rinds and avocado skins which emit a bitter taste when cooked.

Not only are you getting more bang for your buck (a pint from the store averages $5), you’re reducing food waste and you know exactly what’s in it. Bonus points for composting the scraps once you’re done.


Six to seven mason jars (or equivalent) of frozen scraps

Bay leaf (optional)

Water to cover

Large pot


  1. Put scraps (and bay leaf) into a large pot

  2. Cover scraps with water

  3. Bring to a boil then reduce and simmer for one hour

  4. Strain the stock from the scraps over a large bowl

  5. Divide among wide-mouth mason jars, leaving one inch at the top for the liquid to expand

  6. Freeze

It’s that simple.

Happy savings,


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