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Girl Talk: Salaries

Hello Ladies,

Have you ever felt reluctant to share your salary with female friends?

I've had girlfriends hesitantly share their earnings with me fearing judgement. I've had female friends openly share their earnings with me without fear. Some opted not to divulge that information at all when discussing their jobs.

I’ve been advised by female mentors in my life not to share my earnings. I’ve had female friends gently decline to share their salaries with me for the same reason above: fear of judgement. Where does this stem from?

It's old news that women make less than men in the same roles, so high female earners may worry about triggering any jealousy. I have both openly shared and quietly omitted my various salaries with female friends depending on circumstances.

I am genuinely happy to see the women in my life succeed; there's room for all of us in this world. It’s normal to want the same things as our peers especially when we naturally use their success as a metric for our own.

While comparison is the thief of joy, sharing salaries can inspire us. If we approach this subject from a place of love, it can help us make the right moves to gain higher earning power or validate our current income.

Ego is a real thing for everyone and I still personally work through it regularly (mediating helps). I recognize my good fortune and remember my accomplishments while striving to better myself in all areas of my life.

So, should we keep salaries to ourselves because whose business is it anyway? Should we be more open with each other?

My advice is to keep doing whatever you're comfortable with. What are your thoughts?

Happy savings,


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