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Digital Minimalism

Hello Readers,

Are you the person with 2,543 unread emails or 0?

I'm the latter.

You already know we are consistently bombarded with advertising. I didn't realize how much lighter I would feel by limiting the amount of content I was consuming until I pulled the unsubscribe trigger. No amount of energy is spent watching these retailer emails come in or deleting them, and as a result, I am no longer tempted to buy things I don't need.

I deactivated Facebook the summer of 2020 and don't miss it at all. After a three-month Instagram hiatus, I still delete the app during the week and play with it on the weekends. There's only so much content we can consume before our eyes glaze over or we start to feel FOMO.


--unsubscribe from retailers

--limit social media apps

--activate airplane mode

--turn off notifications

--delete unused apps

--limit screen time

While the iPhone screen time limit feature is a bit arbitrary since I tend to override it, I do enjoy watching my apps "sleep," and it's one more step getting into them once the time limit is up.

Do you have digital minimalism strategies?

Happy saving(s) your sanity,


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